Marietta Charities that Need Your Help Year-Round

We often think of giving around the holidays, but there are many very deserving Marietta-area charities that desperately need help all year round. Many organizations are in especially great need of financial help right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are seeing a huge increase in need. These organizations will likely need substantial support for months to come in order to help all of the people in need.

If you have the financial resources to give, please consider some of these local charities. When we help them, we help our neighbors and strengthen our community.

The Gift of Music Foundation

In a time when so many school music programs are being cut due to the lack of funding, the Gift of Music Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to creating even greater accessibility to music programs, instruments, and teachers. The organization forms critical partnerships with teachers and public schools and organizations to reinforce the core value that music matters, especially for kids. 

The Gift of Music’s after school music enrichment program includes weekly instrumental and vocal classes taught by degreed professionals. Kids develop listening, cognition, and fine motor skills in a structured learning environment. Kids are given deeply reduced or free instrument rentals, as well as music, workbooks, and supplies needed for the program. They also get multiple performance opportunities throughout the school year.

Just go here to make a donation!

Specially Gifted Foundation

Families who care for children who have disabilities often need extensive support to deal with all that they have on their plates at any given time. Specially Gifted is an organization that supports the entire family by offering care and a feeling of community to strengthen them.

Recipients of help must have a child from 1 to 18 years old with medically diagnosed disabilities and live in Georgia.  The foundation offers special gifts for kids and opportunities or other resources they or their families may need.

You can donate online here or fund a gift for a specific child here.

Good Mews Animal Foundation

The Good Mews Animal Foundation is one of just a few cage-free, no-kill cat shelters in the entire state of Georgia, and it was the first in our area. Since its inception in 1988, Good Mews has placed over 9,000 cats into permanent homes (at an average of around 450 cats a year). 

The shelter provides excellent nutrition and extensive medical care for cats, and euthanasia is only performed when the cat’s quality of life is severely and permanently compromised. The shelter has around 100 cats at any time, with another 30 to 40 in foster care through its foster program. Good Mews also promotes public awareness about the value of pets, animal welfare, and more.

The foundation receives no government support and relies solely on help of the public and area businesses and organizations, so it could really use your help. Go here to find several ways you can donate to Good Mews.

The Survivors Outreach Center

The Survivors Outreach Center is a community center that’s open to people from all backgrounds and all walks of life. The organization prides itself on assisting and educating those in need with zero judgment. 

Survivors Outreach Center provides family and personal therapy, as well as classes related to anger management, addiction, domestic violence, life skills, mediation, and getting a GED. The center also provides legal assistance for DUI arrests, child custody and visitation, car accidents, and more. They are a court-approved organization. In addition, the center provides daily necessities of life, including food.

Go here to talk to someone from the organization about sponsorship or volunteering. 

The Center for Family Resources

The Center for Family Resources is a nonprofit organization that works to help stabilize families so they can become self-sufficient. The center works exclusively with families or individuals that are either homeless or in danger of becoming homeless by providing tailored, long-term supportive services. The goal is that when the client moves on, he or she will have all the necessary skills, tools, and resources to never need this program or any other like it again. 

They offer multiple short-term housing programs, life skills classes (budgeting, parenting, and relationships), a job lab (which assists with career searching, resumes, and interviews), GED prep with one-on-one coaching and group classes, an on-site food pantry with fresh produce, baby essentials, and much more.

If you’d like to give back to Cobb County’s most vulnerable, especially in this time of such great need, please go here.

Must Ministries

Must Ministries does it all. They work hard to meet all of the basic needs of individuals, families, and children while also helping them restore their lives. 

The ministry provides a lot of help with food (especially right now, when they are providing food for kids not in school, a program that will continue through the summer months). They also have a homeless shelter, transitional housing, and rent-subsidized housing. They help with work training and education for those seeking employment. Must Ministries also has a neighborhood pantry, clothing, and even toys.

To support this cause that is making such a difference in our community, just go here.

The Davis Direction Foundation

The Davis Direction Foundation works hard to fight addiction and fuel recovery while also serving as a national role model and resource for opioid/heroin addiction and change. The foundation works hard to remove outdated stigmas and provide direct assistance to individuals, family members, and those at risk of an overdose. They also recognize that the optimal answer to addiction challenges is prevention, so they are actively involved in preventative education in our community.

Click here to give or find other ways to help this foundation through volunteer work.

If you know of any deserving charities that could use all of our help, please read a comment! When we all do a little, it adds up to a lot. Thanks for helping take care of our neighbors.